MGA 360

Comprehensive insurance agency management system MGA, MGU, IMO and FMO.


  • Agent management
  • Policy management
  • Client management
  • Document management
  • Task-based workflow
  • Training courses and resources
  • Helpdesk system
  • Integration with third-party services
  • HIPAA compliance

Web Application

TXT Place

TXT Place allows real estate agents, brokers and landlords to provide property information 24/7 via text messages and QR codes to prospective buyers or tenants. System captures their name and phone number and can instantly notify agent while they are still on the property for a follow-up.


  • Design a logotype
  • Design and develop a landing page
  • Design and develop a sign-up page
  • Develop text messaging service
  • Design and develop web application for real estate agents to manage listings and leads


Landing Page

Sign-Up Page

Text Messaging

You can test the service by sending a text message with code 1000 to number (800) 960-5229 to see sample response and property page.

Web Application

Vertical orientation

Horizontal orientation


Visual Survey provides full range of services associated with online surveys – from design, distribution and hosting to reporting and support.

Front page



work-visualsurvey-survey provides a simple crypto-coin payment solution that works uses cell phone text messages to transfer crypto-coins using a simple text message. This patent-pending payment solution is targeted for users who typically pay with cash and want to buy items online, send funds worldwide to family, or pay bills without travel and paying with cash.

Front page (Front page)

Internal pages

The Thing That Can’t Be Bitten

Little Bit Of Me

Initial concept

The client has requested a colorful logotype where the full name of the company (Little Bit Of Me) is shown with accent on the abbreviated name as well (LBOM). The idea behind the logotype is to show playful user profiles as they are shown on the website together with highlighting abbreviated service name.

Little Bit Of Me Logo (Draft 1)

Final round of changes

Little Bit Of Me Logo (Draft 2)

Final version

Little Bit Of Me Logo

Alternative version of the logotype that could be used where space is limited.

Little Bit Of Me Logo Alternative

Usage example

Little Bit Of Me Logo Example

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