August Automation is the leader in the brake shoe lining industry. The SWAB-34 is the newest model of the low-cost high efficiency machine made to drill any brake shoe liners.

We have designed a website for this product using WordPress as content-management system.



Callaboo.com is a service for placing calls from web browser to landline/cell phones using voice over IP technology. One of the unique features of the service is ability to call back web phone from landline/cell phone.

Our responsibilities:

  • Designed client-server API
  • Designed user interface
  • Developed front-end application


Flyer Generator

We have designed a program to automate the process of creation of interactive flyer for a number of online grocery stores. It allows user to upload images, define clickable areas, add descriptions and then generate interactive flyer.


Jewish Theater of Music and Drama

Jewish Theater of Music and Drama is a non-profit organization utilizing talents of many dedicated people to bring Jewish and Russian culture to a broad audience.

We designed and built a web site that could host a calendar of events, photo and video content. Site is designed using theatrical theme to create appropriate atmosphere.