How to format Laravel Blade templates in Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a wonderful editor and recently became my primary web development tool. I am developing using Laravel framework and there are many good extensions for Laravel and PHP in general. I configured PHP CS Fixer as my PHP formatter and Beautify as SASS/CSS, JavaScript and HTML formatter.

The only missing part was formatting Blade templates.

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jQuery DataTables: Row grouping and checkboxes (part 2)

Back in February, 2017 I wrote about unofficial row grouping plug-in for jQuery DataTables, see jQuery DataTables: Row grouping and checkboxes.

However there is also official extension for row grouping – RowGroup. It works differently than unofficial plug-in and adds a separate parent row for a group of child rows.

I added example demonstrating how to group rows in a table powered by jQuery DataTables plug-in and display checkboxes using Checkboxes plug-in, see RowGroup page for more details.