jPlayer Jukebox add-on: Yahoo! Media Player replacement

There was a temporary workaround to make the player work after June 30, 2013, but it’s no longer applicable.

Jaap Spitz and Eric Din attempted to revitalize the player, but these attempts possibly conflict with Yahoo! Terms of Service.

After seeing that no direct replacement is available I have created an add-on (jPlayer Jukebox) for jPlayer media library to replicate Yahoo! Media Player functionality.

Please visit dedicated jPlayer Jukebox add-on page for demo, installation and usage information.

Initial version doesn’t support all of the Yahoo! Media Player functionality, features will be gradually added based on feedback from users.

jPlayer Jukebox add-on

jPlayer Jukebox add-on on mobile device

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  1. Hello! Thank you very much for yor work!
    I have a question: how can i determine the “ended” event? The event of ending of track or playlist?

      1. Thanks!
        I thought so too, but even this simple code doesn’t alert:

        var jpjb = new jPlayerJukebox({
           'ended': function(e){ 
        1. I think I understand now. I reviewed the code and I see that I disabled ended event handler internally.

          Use the following workaround until I see if I can avoid disabling ended event, see this example.

          // Initialize jPlayerJukebox
          var jpjb = new jPlayerJukebox();
          $('#jplayer_jukebox_player').on($.jPlayer.event.ended, function(){


          1. Thank you! It works! ) Спасибо!

            And one more question: jukebox dont support “m4a” files by default?
            Or may be I’m doing something wrong?

            1. Oh, it works with:

                 mp3: ""

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