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After doing some research online for I found AVADirect (, custom PC builder.

Their web site is amazing. First of all, clear navigation that easily gets you through the building and ordering process. Secondly, there is so called “Featured Systems Gallery” where they showcase most common configurations that you can review. They have easy to use online tool that offers extensive choice of components. Did I mention 3 Year limited warranty on parts, 3 year warranty on labor and lifetime toll-free technical support?


It would cost you more (10% in my case) to order a computer from AVADirect in comparison to prices for individual components on But you will get excellent service and 3 year warranty in return. I think it worth every penny.


If you are not sure what you want, you would better call them or send them an e-mail to help you with exact configuration. Otherwise you can proceed to ordering page using navigation menu. For example:

  • Desktop Computers
    • Custom Desktop Computers
      • Socket 1366 Core i7 Desktop PC
        • Core™ i7 2-way CrossFire™ 24GB Performance Series System

There you can customize anything (Figure 1) starting from computer case and including operating system, software, games and warranty.

Customizing your configuration

Figure 1. Customizing your configuration

It is so easy to get frustrated with so many choices of components. But if you made a mistake or unsure about certain component, don’t worry. Each order will be reviewed by a professional to make sure that all components match.

If you are uncertain about some components, I would recommend to get an account, build your computer using their online configurator, add it to cart and then instead of checking out send yourself a quote (Figure 2).

Getting a quote number

Figure 2. Getting a quote number

After you send a quote, you will receive a quote number in the details of your quote. You can reference this number either by phone or via e-mail to avoid explaining your configuration from the scratch. In my case I was recommended to use power supply with higher output and other things that I didn’t consider as important at first.

Being cautious about using my credit card online I also asked whether they support PayPal. Sure, they do that as well.

When unexpected happens

It was a surprise for me when a few days later I got a call from AVADirect. Due to high demand the graphics card that I wanted was not available so they offered me to upgrade to the same card of different manufacturer for free even though it was priced $30 higher. Same thing happened with the motherboard, it was out of stock so I got another free upgrade to more expensive motherboard which would otherwise cost me another $50.

It took AVADirect 10 business days to assemble and test the computer. According to their policy every assembled computer system needs to be tested under stress loads to make sure that there are no defects in system components and they all can work together in this particular system setup for a long period of time.

You can track your order status online by logging into your account (Figure 3).

 Order status

Figure 3. Order status


Since being placed, my order was delivered in 11 business days. It has arrived in a huge box filled to the top with packing peanuts. Inside there were computer case box and box for motherboard filled with all the supporting documents, drivers, manuals, etc.

The first thing I did is opened the case. The way cables were organized inside shows high level of professionalism and care (Figure 4).

Figure 4. Cable management

Figure 4. Cable management


Overall I would recommend AVADirect to anyone who wants to buy a computer online. Their professionalism, prices and warranty are hard to beat. Although you are expected to have some knowledge about computers and their components, you can always contact AVADirect with any questions or recommendations. I am pretty sure they will patiently answer all of your questions and help you out building computer of your dream within your budget.


  1. AVADirect looks like a great company, I see them featured in many pc magazines. You might also look into some of the smaller custom computer builders. They provide a much more personal approach to buying a pc, much better than any of the larger companies can.

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