Free music for your multimedia project

David is very generous in his offering:

  • Any project will qualify (even commercial ones!)
  • You can use any of the music available in the Dev Center.
  • There is no limit to how many pieces you want to use!
  • No subscription fee is required – you just need to register (for free)

The only requirement is that you must insert the Dev Center splash screen at the start of your game.

Below is my one of my favorite pieces of David’s work – “Nocturne C# Minor”:

David wrote music for games like Copy Cat: A Painter’s Puzzle and Colony. In these games the music alone can keep you playing for hours. Great work, David!


  1. David is fantastic! I too love Nocturne in C# Minor. The Dev Center is a great idea – I will be spreading it to any developer I meet who's on a tight budget (a common occurrence).

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